Saturday, 30 August 2014

First Scrollback Event @ITMU

                                   Scrollback campus buddies orientation

Hey guys we have started our campaign to increase awareness in our campus for that we organized orientation program for our first set of scrollback campus buddies.So that the idea behind the scrollback is clear to the scrollback buddies who can start contributing in scrollback.
 As expected the participants were unaware of the program so i started with very basic so that they can relate themselves with scrollback.The event started with a little awareness check like what is open source, what are the various social networking platforms and how they are different and what are basically a forum is? So that the content of whole event can lead to a particular direction.

After basic introduction about Scrollback i explained them about the technologies used in scrollback and how it is different from other forum.
I explained them various feature like:-
  • It uses open source technology that is node.js.
  • It follows MLP algorithm which convert conversation into thread.
  • It can be easily embedded into any website. 
  • Any conversation can be directly tweeted and many more which make it awesome.

After putting light on the technologies and features, I moved on to the  hierarchy structure of the Scrollback Campus Ambassador program and how can any scrollback campus buddies get promoted to next level. I specially mentioned the transparency which provided in this program each scrollback campus buddies will get promoted and SCA only and only if two SCA will suggest his/her name which leads to transparency. I shared with then the benefits they will get at personal and technical level.This made them more convinced and getting related with he whole program.

In the end we discussed about the various areas of contribution and appreciation system of scrollback how they can start contributing and badges they can earn which will lead them to up in the ladder as SCA.

Participants were so excited and motivated to contribute more and more in different ways.We are looking forwards for an awesome community developing here in Gwalior and MP.

Event venue:- ITMU campus.
Event Date:- 30/08/14
Organizer:- Gautam sharma(SCA) 


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