Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Contribute & colaborate with scrollback



In the series of my blogs to increase awareness about
scrollback. I am back with some areas to collaborate with scrollback and open source.

Scrollback is providing awesome opportunity to the all the open source enthusiast to become part of the league of scrollback supporter. The most amazing thing about Scrollback campus ambassador program or the elivator program as it said by scrollbackers is its hierarchy which provide opportunity to all member in the ladder from Bottom to top. 

Its start with scrollback buddies, becoming a scrollback buddies is very simple just register yourself by filling the form on this blog-post. This is the first step to move up the ladder and become scrollback campus ambassador, Keep on contributing in the areas you are good in and campus ambassador will have a close look on your activities and will have the right to promote any of the scrollback buddies as SCA. The scrollback campus buddies can earn badges according to there contribution. All the badges have some set of task which have to be performed in order to earn that badge.For criteria and list of badges visit this doc

The next step in the ladder is SCA(Scrollback campus ambassador). The SCA is responsible for recruiting new scrollback buddies and in campus activities to promote scrollback. The scrollback buddies is the starting point each and every campus ambassador has to enter from that point only and after two SCA will approve the buddies then only they can become SCA.. The SCA can also earn badges after performing task like organizing events, Recruiting new buddies and documentation (blogging) etc.

After continuous and community development the SCA will get a chance to become the mentor and will be working closely with the scrollback team. One of the mentor will get chance to become the leader from a city for one year.

So here is a great opportunity to showcase your talent and enhance your skills join the Scrollback campus ambassador program and contribute in open source. 

Useful links :- Introducing the Scrollback buddies.
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                       Elevator program.
                       Scrollback badges.

For anything related to SCA program contact me.

Gautam sharma

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