Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Explore Scrollback


hello friends,

his is for all the tech lovers who love to explore new technologies and use them. There is a lots of buzz about open source and open source companies

  • But what basically an open source is???
       Open source is basically a development model where peoples around the world have access to the specific piece of code or more precisely source code.

So here comes another master piece of open source technology
" Scrollback " .

What is scrollback???

Scrollback is a beautiful, open source text chat service designed for communities. Scrollback chat rooms can be embedded in websites and linked with Twitter hashtags or IRC channels. It is written in Node.js and its source code is open on Github which can be access easily and peoples around the globe can contribute to it.

This was originally incubated in Bangalore August 2012 by Gaurav and Aravind. It moved from a community based chat service to an amazing chat service in the year 2013.

Few features which makes Scrollback unique.
  • Scrollback can be linked with IRC channels 
  • Scrollback chat room can be easily linked with Twitter handle and various hashtags.
  • It uses Artificial Neural network so that all the conversations can be achieved easily and can be shared as link on web.
  • It also provides ability to the user to search messages through keywords.
  • Logging inis super easy just log-in through your FB or persona account. :)

So cool? enjoy the all new experience of awesome chatting with Scrollback.

     ---------------Get started with scrollback--------------- 

  •  Create a chat room.

  • sign in to your scrollback account.

  • View list of online users

  • All set now chat man....... :)

hope you all got what scrollback is all about and what makes it interesting.

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