Wednesday, 3 September 2014

"My experiences with Scrollback"


Hello friends I want to share my experiences with scrollback in this last month. My journey with scrollback started with just a simple post on social networking site Facebook which says join Scrollback campus ambassador program. I explored about Scrollback on all the resources available online and applied for this program. Then started my journey to be part of this awesome open source organization. 
Then the day came when i got to know about that i am the part of the fifty scrollback campus ambassador from India. The first meeting was really a great experience when i got to interact directly with the team of scrollback specially Gaurav sir and Priyanka. This show the height of professionalism and seriousness the organization is putting towards this program. The meeting continued for almost 2 n half hr which covered the whole structure of the scrollback chat service and the team behind this.
As days passed the program got more matured with different level introduced in it like Scrollback campus buddies, Scrollback campus ambassador, Scrollback mentor and the leader. Which provide motivation to the team member to work hard to raise up in the ladder and get more recognized.

I started buzzing about this program in my college with my friends and juniors. They started appreciating the whole idea behind this program and showed their interest to be part of this then i shared this link with the to get registered for the program:-

I got a great response and was ready with my first set of scrollback enthusiast who were ready to contribute and spread the word of scrollback. I organized an orientation program for them were we covered all the thing required to be known by any scrollbacker like:-
  • What scrollback is?
  • Technologies used by it.
  • what is open source?
  • About scrollback campus ambassador program
  • Ways to contribute.
  • How to raise up in the hierarchy of scrollback program.
 The participants were too good and interactive they understood the whole program well and were looking determined to contribute to the best of there ability.

The best part of this program is it appreciate you hard work and my first appreciation was the tag of "Scrollback campus ambassador of the month" which was really over whelming for me. I got my scrollback campus ambassador badge to which provide me inspiration to contribute more and work hard.... :)

  Keep contributing........ :)     

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