Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hackathon Gwalior vol-1

As the scrollback family is growing day by day. We at scrollback doing great stuff and the latest example of this is Scrollback app. Which was recently launched, So as the part of the Scrollback Community we at Scrollback community Gwalior took initiative to test the app between our community members.
Scrollback app

The event started late in the evening with the community members following a fixed agenda decided by us before the event during planning.

  1. Installing the app.
  2. Initial boot and RAM compatibility of app. 
  3. Sign up feature. 
  4. Sign up with different mode. 
  5. Creating Chat room. 
  6. Using existing chat room. 
  7. Switching between chat room. 
  8. Chat response of the app. 
  9. Setting feature.
  10. exiting app.
The started with great enthusiasm with most of the participants getting to scrollback channel before the specified timing. Then gradually we got lots of scrollbackers joining us we started the event by following the above mentioned agenda.

Initially i told them to install the scrollback app from the google store using the link.

I told them to closely follow the performance of the app on various devices as most of them were using android devices of different configuration. The app worked quite well on most of the devices the starting time was also very short.

The amazing thing was that we had participants from different location like kolkata and hyderabad also. As the hackathon got momentum we moved to other point in the agenda like device compatibility, and it worked on almost all the devices.
Then the sign up feature was tested and we saw that it was smooth signing up through different mode like.
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • E-mail
Other features like creating chat room, using existing chat room and switching between chat room and other cool features of scrollback.

The passed all most the parameters and the hackathon ran for 3 hours with all the bugs filed on the pad created specially for event.
Participants had great time while exploring more about the app and its feature.

Looking forward for more awesome events from scrollback community Gwalior.... :) :)


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